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SM Car Paint Designer Plugin - Cinema 4D & Octane 4.0+ | (SMOUSE)

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SM Car Paint Designer Plugin is a tool that makes Creating and Customizing Car Paint Materials in Octane and Cinema 4D an incredibly easy & simple process, by providing you with a carefully crafted UI Tool-Set & Designer Systems.

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Brief  Feature Summary:

  • Easily change the color of your car paint by Drag & Dropping colors from a library of over 200+ Presets!
  • Design Procedural Stripes that work on any model! (No UV Mapping Required, comes with 60+ Presets)
  • Customize the surface properties, to dial in it's reflectivity, roughness, and even pearlescence!
  • Upload Custom Images/Decals, and even PBR Maps for scuffs, scratches, or even for complex multi-surface livery's!
  • Utilize Procedurally Generated Metallic Flakes, and customize them with their built in editor UI! Even upload and blend in your own Flakes Maps!
  • Customize the type of Clear Coat, and design your own Orange Peel Effect, with it's easy to use tool-set!
  • Upload Rain Drops texture maps, and customize their look and intensity with it's built in editor!

Our "SM Car Paint Plugin" has been used by many industry-leading artists and studios, to create campaigns that have been seen worldwide by millions, for brands such as...

"I found out about SM Car Paint when I had my gig with Genesis, and I wanted something that worked quickly and was easy to use. Honestly this plugin saved me so much time and I was able to change the Colors and Settings to fit the clients need so quickly. I also like to use it on other stuff other than cars, because it looks good as Fuck!!" 

-Fvckrender, used for Genesis

What's included? 

Lite Bundle

Set it and forget it! Lite is more focused on speed, and quick & easy usability. No "crazy" features, however the core Car Paint Customization functionalities still remain. 

Perfect for when you want instantly great results with minimal work!

+ Design your own color scheme, Change the Paint surface behavior, and even utilize & customize Procedurally Generated Metallic Flakes! (First of its kind!)

+ Even upload Rain Drop Maps and customize them, with the built in Rain Editor!

Includes: 18x Lite Configurator Presets, and 50 Color Gradient Presets, which you can drag and drop into those Configurators!  

Standard Bundle

Intended to be your daily driver Configurator. Get even more control and customizability on the previous features, as well as getting all new unique and powerful features!

+ Upload your own UV Maps or Decals straight into the Configurator. You can even make them glow! (Supports Vertex Fields / Masking, & Animated Image Sequences)

+ You can now even design your own Procedural Stripes on any model without having to unwrap the UV's, using the Static Gradient system! (As seen in slideshow above)

+ Even make the individual paint layers transparent, for corporate visualization renders! (Supports Vertex Fields)

Includes: 25x Standard Configurator Presets, 100+ Color Gradient Presets & 15+ Procedural Stripe Presets (Bonus Flag Stripes)

(Lite Bundle included)

Pro Bundle

The Pro Configurators are the absolute powerhouse models! Get complete and total control over the look of the car paint, with the vast amount of features it gives you! Includes controls and settings for every little aspect of the car paints look and behavior! Perfect for meeting any of your clients demands in a pinch, without sacrificing quality!

+ Upload PBR texture maps for designing complex Multi-Surface Livery's, use it for Surface Imperfections such as scratches and scuffs, or even for changing the look of the paints surface entirely

+ Generate Procedural Neon Lines, to make your car fit into the world of Cyberpunk or Tron, with the click of a single button! (Seriously) Comes with a fully fledged built in neon lines designer!

+ Create physically accurate metal-based-chromes, using the advanced Chrome IOR features. Make your chrome paint look like Gold, Cobalt, Titanium, or even anodized, with crazy color combos! (Includes built in preset buttons)

+ Full control over the look of the Clear Coat Surface Imperfections. Change your "Orange Peel Effect" into large dents, shattered cells, or even crystalline for a bling'd out diamond look!

+ Upload your own custom Metallic Flakes Normal Map (included pack) to get a specific flakes look, or even blend your Custom Flakes with the Procedural Flakes, for even more control! 

Includes: 32x Pro Configurator Presets, 13x 4k Metallic Flakes Normal Maps by Jeff Patton, 200+ Color Gradients & 35+ Procedural Stripes (Bonus Flag Stripes)

(Standard + Lite Bundles included; 75 presets total)

[ Each Configurator comes with a carefully curated User Interface that is catered to their respective paint types.

Every feature-set comes with Reset, Custom Presets, & Randomize Buttons, and designed specifically for those respective features. ]

See How it Works!

Change Color, Color Correction, & Procedural Stripes!

Change the Color easily simply by Dragging and Dropping Gradients from the preset folder included in the Content Browser! Use the "Randomize Color Correction" button to get a unique result instead! Choose from a library of over 200+ Color Presets!

Using the same method, you can import custom Stripes Presets from the Content Browser, or even make your own! This will work on ANY mesh without having to UV Unwrap them!

Upload & Mask Custom Images!

Upload any Image or UV Mapped Liverys, and get full control over the Color Correction, position, scale, and rotation. You can even upload Alpha PNG images, with our smart "Predictive PNG Alpha Mask" feature! Useful for uploading Logos or Decals. You can also upload PBR Material Maps into their respective inputs to get full control over the materials look. You can apply the custom images only where you want them by uploading Custom Vertex Selection Maps into the Configurator! Use this to change the look of any body part, without having to use a separate material!

Procedural Neon Lines & Custom Image Emission!

With the click of a single button, generate Procedural Neon effects on any mesh! There's 2 main procedural modes to choose from, each with a WIDE range of control. Even upload custom images to act as the emissive driver!

Surface Properties & Pearlescence!

Fine tune the look of the surface itself simply with very simple and easy to use controls, and even create some Pearlescent looks! Create your own styles, or use the preset buttons to get instant results!

Matte Styles!

With literally a few buttons, you can make DRASTIC changes to the style of how the Matte Configurator looks! Make it mimic Vantablack, Hard Plastic, Satin, & Semi-Gloss, along with a randomizer button for even more unique looks! Also change the style of the actual roughness itself! Make it have a uniform flat roughness, or simulate the real life effect coined as "Designo Magno" by Mercedes. This effect reduces the amount of roughness perceived when observed at shallow angles, making it appear more reflective.

Procedural Metallic Flakes!

As simple as clicking a single button, easily generate Procedural Metallic Flakes; a first of it's kind for Octane. Fine tune the strength, projection scale, size/size variation, reflection behavior, and so much more, for truly seamlessly infinite flakes; no more repetitive tiling from normal maps. Even upload custom normal maps if you wish, and even blend them with the procedural flakes for even more control!

Clear Coat, Imperfections (Orange Peel Effect & More), & Colored Chrome!

A few simple controls to change between two clear coat modes; Metallic, and Ceramic. Also, simply hit the Chrome Preset button to get a perfect mirror finish. Dive into the "Advanced IOR" mode to generate Physically Accurate Reflections of real life metals as well!

Design a virtually infinite amount of surface imperfections with just a few controls! Stick with the realistic Orange Peel effect, or go crazy and speckle your car with gold, or even make the whole thing look like diamonds!

Upload Rain Drops!

Upload custom rain drops by using Normal and/or Bump maps! You can even colorize the raindrops themselves, and even upload animated image sequences, such as those created by Travis Davids for example.

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SM Car Paint Designer Plugin - Cinema 4D & Octane 4.0+ | (SMOUSE)

10 ratings
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