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Underwater Surface Caustics - Free Blender Shader

83 ratings

Procedural Surface Caustics Shader


All New Feature Set, Project Real-Time Caustics with the new Light Node Group Feature! Simply Enable Nodes on your lights, plug in this new Group, and Viola! (Treasure Chest Scene included)

New Features also include

  • Rebuilt Exposure Clamp
  • Rebuilt Dispersion for the Light Nodes
  • New Z Axis Mask (make the texture version look like it's stretching downwards on walls, or equally in all directions)
  • New Node Group Defaults

Procedural Surface Caustics Shader helps bring real time underwater caustics to life!

Runs flawlessly in both Eevee and Cycles, and pairs amazingly well with the Real-Time Physical Caustics from it's parent addon, Shaders Plus
Perfect for pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, or anything abstract you can dream up! Check out the free demo today, or the full Pro version, if you're really ready to dive in! 

Procedural Dispersion

Lite vs. Pro

Lite offers basic functionality to get your feet wet before taking the full dive! You still get fantastic results, but with just less control, and no future updates.

With Pro, you'll get control over the caustics shape, exposure, dispersion, and future updates!

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Underwater Surface Caustics - Free Blender Shader

83 ratings
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