[Free] Advanced Procedural Carbon Fiber Shader - Blender (Cycles & Eevee)

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Procedural Carbon Fiber Shader for Blenders Cycles & Eevee Render

Getting carbon fiber to look good in ANY instance can be a real challenge. Want a close up shot with a lot of detail with an 8k+ image texture? Say bye-bye to your vram!

Does your client want a very specific custom look, but you can't find any textures that match? Well that's no longer a problem!


Now, the most Advanced and Physically Accurate Carbon Fiber Shader Controller is finally available for Blender!

We've taken the time to develop and really fine tune this Carbon Fiber Shader to satisfy and fit any artist or clients demands!  

Customize the look with over a dozen easy to use controls! Change the Weave Color, Weave Shape, Upload your images into the Weave, Adjust the Physical Attributes, and even use Procedural Surface Imperfections, and more!

This pack includes 2 versions of the shader; Simplified & Advanced.

Simplified = Fewer Controls / Better Viewport Performance

Advanced = More Controls (as shown) / Less Viewport Performance

Download it for free, or pay what you want to write off your taxes this year! ;)

(Any and all financial support goes a long way to allow me to continue making products for you all, especially for free! :)

Demo Video

Change the Scale, and Shape Settings of the fibers!

Change the Color / Input Custom Images or Nodes

Physically-Accurate Weave Based Anisotropy

(main cover photo shows it better as well)

Procedural Surface Imperfections

(Eevee only for now)

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Procedural Carbon Fiber Shader - Blender - Simplified & Advanced Bundle

The most advanced Carbon Fiber shader bundle for just...
v1.5 ( Nov. 17, 21)


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[Free] Advanced Procedural Carbon Fiber Shader - Blender (Cycles & Eevee)

32 ratings
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